No business can stand still. The competitive landscape in any industry is always rapidly changing especially in this era of the global economy and instant communications. Whether through expansion or acquisition, successful companies must constantly search for new opportunities. Strategic planning has to become a critical part in the day to day operation of the company and not just a static project reviewed once a year or even in intervals of several years and the CFO should be the driving force in this process. When a business is well organized and well run the CFO focus is twofold, manage earnings and search for opportunities. Many small and mid-sized companies do not have the resources to hire a full time CFO that can both manage financial operations and also devote time to exploring opportunities. They need someone with the depth of experience in dealing with sophisticated financing, acquisitions, and expanding operations. This is where a consultant or part-time CFO can be a great value to a company. You gain the ability to leverage a range of knowledge and valuable experience at a manageable cost.

My background is perfectly suited to the needs of these companies, with decades of experience dealing with a myriad of business experiences. They include bank and private equity financing, acquisitions, mergers, and even an IPO. All of these situations required sophisticated modeling and due diligence as well as skillful implementation.

The path to growth and greater profitability has many risks and obstacles but offers great rewards if managed properly.  It is not something any growing business can ignore.