Most business owners and operators are focused, and rightly so,on developing their product and selling it. Many feel that the structure and processes of doing business are a little more than bookkeeping functions that can be performed by a clerical employee. Little time is devoted to how day to day transactions are handled and more importantly by whom. Delegation of duties and a proper chain of command are left to evolve over time with sometimes disastrous results. If it is a new business the operators ignore this while they attend to more important things thinking they can catch up when they are not as busy. The mistakes become very difficult and costly to fix as time passes by. My experience with new companies is simply that managers know how to do their jobs on a normal operating basis but have no idea of how to build the processes that they will need to operate efficiently. Fortunately my expertise goes well beyond just accounting and bookkeeping. I make it a point of understand the roles of all the various departments and how they interact, and can design and implement tools as well as procedures that can help the company run efficiently. My background in Human Resources can be of help to managers in their hiring decisions and also provide the company a sound structure for their personnel operations.

Companies that are looking to scale up their operations usually have been running by the seat of their pants for years, especially family run or Mom & Pop businesses. They have little knowledge of the required tools or staffing challenges needed to adequately meet the new demand. Probably for the first time they are dealing with major lenders and investors. My 28 years of experience working with private investors and banks and understanding and managing their expectations can be a great comfort to business owners & operators who are now confronted with this challenge. They can continue to put their energies into running the business while I manage the concerns of their backers.

A business that is experiencing difficulties could point to a lack of proper organization as one of the reasons they may be failing. I can quickly assess their issues and promptly put corrective action into place.