The essence of every business is to bring value to its owners and investors either in the form of a regular income stream or an exit at an acceptable rate of return. Many smaller businesses fail to properly manage to valuation goals. They often only confront this challenge when a situation arises such as drop off in revenue or changes to the competitive landscape. Valuation determines the reward that a business owner realizes after years of struggle and sacrifice in building their company. Organizing an exiting strategy requires skill in evaluation and implementation. A good CFO can be a great resource in organizing this effort while allowing the business operator the time to continue driving their business and producing profit.

I have assisted several companies through an exit, sale, or liquidation by developing exit strategies which include producing due diligence for potential buyers, modeling pricing options, supervising plant and office closings, liquidate assets, manage employee matters related to the exit, process investor distributions, and wrap up outstanding business matters. All of these require the knowledge and finesse that only an experienced financial manager can provide.

Every business ultimately faces exiting challenges through an ownership change, sale of assets, or even bankruptcy and reorganization. Expert financial management is key to successfully manage this process.